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For the first time in the world
To develop and supply electrolysis plants with self-cleaning electrolytic (patent RU2476624)
Anode life of at least 5 years


The main advantage of the latest technology and equipment is the possibility of using salt solutions of virtually any hardness, underground saline water, ocean and sea water in the absence of the need for regular cleaning of the electrode stack (acidity, mechanical or other.), Which increases the duration of the procedure for continuous operation without carrying out scheduled cleaning the electrodes.

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 EPM electrolysis systems are designed for production and dosing of sodium hypochlorite, used in health care facilities, water intakes, tanks and sewage treatment plants for disinfection of drinking water and wastewater in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN

Electrolysis systems operate in automatic mode without the presence of staff and allow for disinfection of drinking water and waste water disinfection with maximum quality. Also available electrolysis installation manual operating in a cyclic mode and install direct electrolysis.

The most effective method of water disinfection - disinfection with sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite is produced in an electrolytic cell enables disinfection of water is also effective, as it makes liquid chlorine, but unlike chlorine hypochlorite has no toxic properties, when applied correctly.

EPM electrolysis systems manufactured by our company provide an opportunity to produce on the basis of different hypochlorite disinfection solution, successfully applied in a wide range. The raw materials used by the artificial solution of salt, ocean or sea water, waste reverse osmosis process, underground mineralized water.

Disinfection of water, wherein sodium hypochlorite is used, - this is the last stage of water treatment in which the hypochlorite destroys microorganisms and prevents their occurrence in water.

Acquire ready sodium hypochlorite is not appropriate for many reasons. Most advantageously prepared sodium hypochlorite directly on the place of consumption via the electrolysis unit, which can significantly reduce the cost of water disinfection.
In addition, the hypochlorite produced on-site use is not only beneficial, but also safer, because during long-term storage of sodium hypochlorite decomposes with the release of chlorine and oxygen.

The resulting sodium hypochlorite is substantially non-toxic and has a high efficiency. Therefore, disinfection of water is in accordance with the necessary hygienic requirements and standards of water treatment.

Using in water treatment and wastewater treatment plants electrolysis plants EPM, you decide problemmu disinfection once and for all.

By order of addition:

• Automated system of remote control automation systems for operational control of electrolysis plants and dosing of sodium hypochlorite for a given residual chlorine.
• Electrolysis installation in container design.
• electrolysis systems on the chassis of KAMAZ-43114 with a system of interchangeable containers.

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